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Project Description
Script# import library for Sencha Ext JS Javascript Framework

This library provides Script# class library, which can be used to link to your Script# projects to achieve intellisense for the ExtJS framework.

  1. Install Script# from Nikhil Kothari's Project link
  2. Download and build the source code in Visual Studio 2010
  3. Include ExtJS script components on your web page
  4. Include mscorlib.js from the bin folder of the build
  5. Include Ext.Scripts.js file from the bin folder of the build
  6. Include any of your dependent Script# project outputs

Check the Documentation for more information and walkthroughs

  • CalloSmart Solutions: CalloSmart Solutions Private Limited, INDIA
  • Nikhil Kothari's Script#: Script# is a tool/utility from Nikhil Kothari, which enables a developer to write web page scripts in C# which ultimately get translated to Javascript
  • Sencha Ext JS: ExtJS is a cross-browser RIA Javascript Framework from Sencha

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